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Spiritual Healing & BioEnergy Therapy

What is Spiritual Healing?
Spiritual healing is a return to wholeness. It is an experience of inner peace. It is a sense of letting down, letting go, and breathing easily. Imagine being able to let go of a year's worth of stored doubt, worry, tension and anxiety in a few short weeks. Spiritual healing connects you to your original nature that is Spirit.

The attributes of Spirit are peace, purity and love. Spirit is your life force. It is also described as energy, bioenergy, chi, ki, prana, kundalini, ruach, or subtle energy. Spirit is that which animates and gives life to the body. This life energy is the source of our vitality.

Spiritual healing is an experience of oneness. There is a higher consciousness that connects healer and client through a shared energy field that permeates the universe. In becoming unified within that energy field, there is an experience of the "peace of God that passeth understanding."

Spiritual healing may or may not involve physical curing. But, spiritual healing gives you the inner strength to better handle any challenges you are facing.

Spiritual healing involves:

1. Allowing psycho-emotional wounds and long-standing anger and hostility to gently surface in an atmosphere of unconditional love.

2. Confronting the underlying fear that is the real cause of any dis-ease we are experiencing.

3. Forgiving ourselves and others for any and all hurts that were caused intentionally and unintentionally.

4. Cultivating compassion for others and ourselves for all our human frailties.

5. Developing a spiritual perspective that transforms one's self-image from victim to co-creator. Acceptance, letting go, or making concrete changes are the prerequisites for this transformation. You will live your life in accord with your highest vision.

    From this perspective, you are able to breathe more easily. You release patterns of thinking that run counter with your true nature. You will experience more peace and less stress.

What is BioEnergy Therapy?
Descriptions of energy centers in the human body can be found in almost every ancient religious tradition. According to these traditions, universal life force energy flows along channels or meridians at the level of the etheric body, also called the energy body. Any hurts, slights, trauma or injury that occur to us as we grow, create blocks in the energy body called psychic scarring.

Just as cholesterol gets built up in the arteries and blocks the flow of blood to vital organs, psychic scars build up in the energy channels and block the flow of energy that generates vitality throughout the body. These energy tend to blockages pool in the major energy centers of the body known as chakras.

There are seven major chakras; each one has a corresponding biological, emotional, psychological, and social component Bioenergy therapy, performed by a trained healer, helps rid the etheric/energy body of psychic scars. When this happens, the client has access to more life force energy. As deep-seeded psychic scars surface, the client is able to have a better understanding of why certain kinds of patterns or events keep recurring.