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FAQs About Healing
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Frequently Asked Questions

    How long are sessions?
    • The first session is an hour and a half to two hours long. Follow-up sessions are one hour long.

    What can I expect in a session?
    • Each session begins with prayer and centering. This allows me to tune into your Spirit. Prior to your session, you will have given me your date, time and place of birth. With this information, I prepare a natal astrology chart. The astrology chart provides me with a map that shows me what your major life lessons are.

    • After the initial attunement, I offer you my impressions about the core issues confronting you. We then talk about what is going on in your life, what you want to heal, and what you want to accomplish.

    • At some point within the first half hour to 45 minutes, I will ask you to get up on a massage table. Once you are on the table, I start scanning your body with my hands. I work with your chakras to clear up psychic scars. I may ask you to visualize colors, do special breathing techniques, or make sounds. It is common to experience various emotions during the session. Releasing emotions is an important part of the healing process. As intuitive insights come to me, I share them with you and we talk about what they mean. The table work lasts approximately 30-45 minutes.

    • During the last 10 minutes or so of the session, you return to your seat and we summarize what has occurred. I generally require you to do homework. Homework may mean reading a book, changing your diet, doing certain exercises such as imagery or forgiveness exercises, or getting involved in different groups. It is mandatory that you do your homework. Willingness to change is crucial to the healing process.

    • In follow-up sessions, we evaluate what changes have taken place after the first session. Changes can include one or more of the following: renewed insights, less tension, more joy, increased relaxation, enhanced relationships, or overcoming inertia. We also evaluate changes that have occurred as a result of your homework.

    How many sessions are needed?
    • I believe in the efficiency and effectiveness of short-term therapy. Generally one to three sessions are needed initially. The first 3 sessions are scheduled bi-weekly. Follow-up sessions are scheduled monthly as mutually determined.

      What do I need to bring?
      • Bring an open mind and a willingness to relax.

      Is spiritual healing the same as psychotherapy?
      • No, spiritual healing is not the same as psychotherapy, although it may draw from psychotherapeutic schools such as cognitive or behavioral therapy. Theoretically, spiritual healing builds on a humanistic psychology perspective since its goal is self-actualization. Spiritually, the ultimate level of healing is awareness of our original nature. From a western psychological perspective, spiritual healing would be most akin to transpersonal psychology.

        How do I know whether I can be helped?

        • My clients are people who are open to or have been exploring spiritual thinking. They are people who know that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. They realize that all emotional or physical crises are crises of the spirit.

        • My clients are looking for real answers and meaningful solutions to their problems. They want to take responsibility for their lives. They want to deepen their understanding of who they are and what the next step in their path is. Ultimately all healing is self-healing. My work can point you in a direction and start you on a process. Spiritual healing is not quick fix. It is a catalyst toward a life-time of continuous awareness of your greatness. Spiritual healing elevates you. It seats you on the director's chair of your life.