Dr. Sorah Dubitsky

The Wisdom of A Course in Miracles Series I


An easy to understand introduction to A Course in Miracles.


This 9-tape set, recorded live over a five-week period at Unity of Hollywood in Florida, will help you accelerate your understanding and ability to practice the principles of A Course in Miracles.  In addition to the lectures by 25-year A Course in Miracles student, Dr. Sorah Dubitsky, each tape features group discussions, readings from ACIM, and Dr. Dubitsky’s healing guided meditations inspired by the Holy Spirit.


The tape set covers five core Course in Miracles themes:


Topic I (Tapes 1 and 2) – The Origins of A Course in Miracles.
These tapes briefly cover the story of Research Psychologists Dr. Helen Schucman and William Thetford whose collaboration led to the Course’s publication.  These two tapes also cover an overview of A Course in Miracles thought system including a discussion of its creation myth and the idea of original goodness. According to A Course in Miracles, the only problem anyone has is one of identity. 


Topic II (Tape 3) – The Power of Perception.

We have the capacity to see the world using the vision of our original goodness. Perceiving the world through the lens of original goodness leads to a shift in consciousness from fear to love.  This shift from fear to love is the definition of a miracle. 


Topic III (Tapes 4 and 5) – Healing Relationships

The two tapes introduce us to the concepts of special and holy relationships. A special relationship is based the idea that love is limited. Holy relationships are based on the idea of unlimited love. The Reality that the course teaches is that you are Love so there is no need to seek for love outside of yourself.


Topic IV (Tape 6 and 7) – Forgiveness

A Course in Miracles teaches that forgiveness is the key to happiness. The course’s teachings about forgiveness are all built on the themes presented in the previous tapes. Real forgiveness stems from a spiritual nature, or the realm of original goodness. It involves using the perception of the Holy Spirit, the symbol of original goodness.  At this level, one stops being a victim and starts being a creator.


Topic V (Tapes 8 and 9) – Healing

Healing, According to A Course in Miracles, is not the same as curing. Curing focuses on symptoms. Healing focuses on cause. Healing, as defined by A Course in Miracles, is restoration of the awareness of original goodness.



What people are saying about this tape set:


Dr. Sorah is a dedicated and loving teacher. Her classes are an opportunity to look at oneself with love and patience.  She trusts the infinite to work through her in a very down-to-earth way that promotes honest introspection while being able to laugh at ourselves a bit.  She is able to present significant pieces of Truth in a way we can understand and apply to our lives. She doesn’t present herself as having climbed to some higher place on the spiritual journey; you get the impression she’s walking right along nearby. She is a light-bearer in this life you are living.

--Steve C.


Love is the way I walk in gratitude. Thank you for your insights. You have changed the way I see the world.                
--Helen M.

You have guided my footsteps on a path of wholeness and peace. Thank you. 
--Roger K.

I am no longer a victim, but have become the creator of what I perceive.   
--Marsha M.


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